Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment In Scarborough

At Scarborough Car Tech we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the latest technology in vehicle safety and performance.
That’s why this year we invested in a brand new, state of the art wheel alignment system.

he newest member of our team, the John Bean V2280, is a Wheel Aligner with a built-in camera. Johnny (for short) will enable us to do complex alignment checks on a huge range of vehicles simply, accurately and efficiently.

The process is easy to understand and to carry out, so you know exactly what you’re getting. We simply drive your vehicle onto the aligner and its automatic camera glides along, detecting issues with perfect precision and resolving them seamlessly.

From suspension stress and damage to lift clamps and environment, no problem is too big or small to register on the system. And in case you’re worried you might be charged for problems that don’t need attention, we can reassure you that the aligner’s unique “Compensate, Warn and Alert” system, which comes as standard with the V2280, is designed to avoid that entirely.

Small errors are sorted without even being flagged on the system, medium errors are also compensated but with a warning to go with them and critical errors are displayed to our mechanics along with the recommended actions. This efficiency saves you time, money and needless worry.

The clamps which attach to your wheels are lightweight and easy on your vehicle, plus they are self-centring, which speeds up the workflow and keeps tinkering with your vehicle to a minimum.

The powerful integrated software system gives you complete peace of mind that every aspect of your wheel alignment has been assessed and taken care of. It also streamlines the process, only highlighting the problems that need seeing to urgently. You can even take home a full-colour report after the alignment, showing the fixes and solutions.

When a problem arises with your vehicle, we know that you need it dealt with quickly and thoroughly, to get you back on the road safely and swiftly. Our new automatic wheel aligner will allow us to do just that. The John Bean V2280 is the fastest aligner on the market today, so you can be assured that any issues will be dealt with in a timely fashion by a winning combination of our mechanics and the cutting edge technology in our workshop.

Reliable and reactive, our new purchase is here to stay. So whether you need a realignment immediately, or expect to in the future, you know that we will be there for you when the time comes. Together, our team and our machine will give you the confidence to drive away knowing that your vehicle has been in good hands.