Timing Belts & Water Pumps In Scarborough

A vital part of an internal combustion engine that controls the timing of the engine’s valves is your timing belt.
It is also called the cam belt by some. Potential damage to your bank balance and your engine can be enormous if your cam belt breaks.
A snapped rubber timing belt will effectively write off your engine.
In most cases the cost of a rebuild can be immense and sometimes it’s not economical to repair the engine.
You will be left looking for a new engine or even a new vehicle.This would mean been without a vehicle and having to start all over again.
Looking for a new vehicle and insurance etc means more inconvenience and more expense.
So dont overlook this job on your vehicle, get a quote today and spare the blushes

How to avoid expensive repair

When a cambelt breaks the camshaft stops turning, this leaves some of the valves in the open position. Unfortunately, the crankshaft continues to rotate by inertia and this may cause the pistons to strike the valves that are left open. This can and often does cause broken or bent valves, damaged pistons, and possibly a destroyed cylinder head. Letting your timing belt get to a condition where it could fail is likely to be a very expensive repair. There is an easy to understand video below which will show clearly what happens when things go wrong, take a quick look now.

When should I replace my timing belt?

The service interval for your timing belt will be shown in your service book, On average about every 5 years or 80`000 miles, however, every manufacture is different so if you are unsure we have information for every vehicle please phone us and we can tell you for your specific vehicle.

Trust the professionals

With this information to hand it’s easy to see that trusting your car to the experts at Scarborough Car Tech can save you both time and money. To enquire about any of our services or to find out more feel free to call us: 01723 353311.