TerraClean Service Centre

TerraClean Service Centre

Scarborough Car Tech brings you revolutionary TerraClean technology to overhaul your car’s engine and dramatically increase performance.

Over time, your car’s performance gradually deteriorates as deposits of varnish, gum, tar and carbon block your engine and inhibit sensors and valves. Low-cost fuels in particular never fully combust, leaving behind a residue that continues to build up each time you drive. TerraClean works by running a highly refined fuel through your engine via a patented cleaning unit. A two-stage cleaning system ensures every inch of your engine is targeted. Stage one focuses on the injection system, improving fuel pressure and restoring full functionality to your injectors. Stage two processes aliphatic fuel through the TerraClean unit, turning it into a vapour that attracts exhaust gasses as it exits through your car’s tailpipe. The result is an engine that runs smoothly, quietly and efficiently. 

TerraClean also targets your car’s DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), which works to reduce emissions by capturing particles of soot and diesel in your car’s exhaust pipe. Though usually self-cleaning, your DPF can easily become blocked and cease to work correctly. In the worst cases, a blocked DPF can prevent a vehicle from functioning at all. The standard TerraClean process improves the function of the DPF, but if the problem isn’t easily resolved, specialised technology can regenerate the DPF and clear out any accumulation of particles. Buying a replacement DPF can be a significant cost. A TerraClean service prevents this unnecessary expense, restoring your existing DPF back to high-performance functionality and lowering your engine’s emissions.

Only £99+VAT On All Engines Up To 4ltr

A healthy engine is important for your car’s performance and MPG efficiency, as well as reducing carbon emissions and lowering environmental impact. Traditional cleaning systems, in particular, “pour-in” products, fail to target every area of the engine, resulting in an incomplete clean. Performance may be improved to an extent, but results are minimal and do not last. Regular TerraClean servicing helps you to maintain your vehicle’s capabilities in every way, from the throttle speed and sensitivity to the feel and handle of the drive.