Own a Ford?

Ford Specialist Scarborough Car Tech can do everything that the main dealer can do but cheaper!

Call in or call us on 01723 353311 for all your Ford Specialist questions and requirements.

Save money and visit Ford Specialists Scarborough Car Tech

We work on Ford cars and vans, we can carry out any repair that the main dealer can do, but with a huge saving of approximately 40% it’s worth paying us a visit, no long waiting list to get booked into the main dealer either, if your case is urgent we will pull out the stops to get you running smoothly again.

We offer key replacement and coding in, ECU updates, security updates and a whole host of other special functions/services that often only the Ford main dealer can perform. Ford owners no longer need to pay the ultimate price for the ultimate driving machine!

As Ford specialists, we have trained technicians who have access to all the technical information, Genuine Ford Diagnostic Computer and training to keep your Ford vehicle on the road whether it is a car or van / light commercial vehicle.

Some popular Ford Specialist services that we can offer

  • Genuine Ford Diagnostic Computer and Software
  • Build door locks to your key number
  • Read key numbers
  • Programme new keys
  • Program ECU’s and Modules
  • Specialising in Ford cars and vans
  • Diagnostics and Repair to all Makes and Models
  • We can supply Ford radio codes
  • Security updates
  • Program / configure Locking, lighting etc, turn on / off extra features

We have you covered from all angles protecting your Manufacturers Warranty.

In October 2003 European new legislation affecting the motor industry came into force called “Block Exemption Regulation” 14002002 (BER).

Before the law changed it was almost impossible to have new cars inside their warranty period serviced outside a franchised dealer. The new law now allows everyone the freedom to service their car outside the main dealers, and still have their warranty protected.

The Office of Fair Trading Statement

Independent repairers can carry out normal maintenance and repair services during a vehicle’s warranty period without invalidating the warranty conditions, with two provisos:

1. That the service is in accordance with the manufacturers servicing schedules and is recorded as such.
2. That the parts used are of ‘OE quality’ and are recorded as such.

We can use genuine Ford parts so that your warranty is not affected! We only ever fit OEM specification parts. We often find that specialist parts can be cheaper from Ford DIRECT.

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