DPF Cleaning Recondition

DPF Cleaning (Diesel Particulate Filter)
Recondition your DPF for much less than you think.

IS YOUR DPF LIGHT ON? DPF specialist cleaning off the car. Cleans 98% of contaminants from inside the DPF

  • Save thousands, get it reconditioned no need to replace now we have the technology in house to clean it in under 2 hours turn around. (DPF Removed already)
  • DPF Cleaned off the car. Removes the ash that builds up inside that will not regenerate. There is no other way to clean this. Flow testing and checking for internal damage.
  • Also removes all other deposits that commonly block up the DPF.
  • It is cheaper than you think.
  • And so much cheaper than buying a cheap replacement.
  • Trade Discounts welcome as well, discounts for all trade garages. Two-hour turnaround if delivered to us.
  • No need to remove any sensors at all please leave them all in place.
  • Removal and fitting service also available. Diagnosis as to the cause of blockage also available.
  • DPF light on? Especially euro 6 -6B even on low miles? Regeneration and chemical clean will not always work on euro 6.
  • We can definately help!

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Trade £180 + VAT Flow test inspection and clean

Retail £210 + VAT Flow test inspection and clean

Qualifying for trade you must be a garage or motor trade organisation, car sales or dealer.