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Expert Air Conditioning Re-Gas Service And Repairs In Scarborough

Is your car’s air conditioning broken or not working properly? Our Valeo trained mechanics are experienced in repairing all kinds of faults which may occur in modern climate control systems. That being said, don’t put up with being uncomfortable in your vehicle on those hot and muggy days, as it costs much less than you think to simply carry out air-conditioning re-gas. When you’re spending hours behind the wheel, a comfortable environment inside your car is essential. Even in the winter, it’s important to look after your air-con system as it also removes condensation from inside the vehicle.

We are an authorized Valeo dealer and so can cater for most makes and models of vehicle

Life on the road isn’t great when it stops working; we offer a comprehensive air conditioning service for all motorists.

Air-con is used in the summer months to keep the interior temperature of the vehicle comfortable and in the winter months the air-con works to remove moisture and demist glass much more effectively, so why not have your air-con serviced by us next time you visit as it doesn’t take long to carry out the simple service and it keeps it all working nicely.

On average the air-con system loses 10% of its efficiency every year as standard – thus making a typical 5-year-old car only half as good as it could be.

Book in today and improve the comfort of your vehicle in summer and winter.

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Why Do You Need To Have An Air Conditioning Re-Gas

• System loses on average 10% gas per year
• Anti-bacterial cleaning
• Repairs and renewals of components
• Servicing and general maintenance
• Renewal of the oil in the compressor

We stock and use two types of recharge and maintenance machines for re-gassing car air conditioning units – the Texa 707R, and the Valeo ClimFill Easy. These are among the most advanced and most reliable systems on the market, meaning that we can quickly and easily get your air conditioning system back up and running again. We also have hydrogen testing and leak detection equipment to accompany our recharge machines, diagnostic equipment for testing the electronics and compressors to detect electrical faults and faulty wiring.

Here’s a round-up of our recharging machines:


The Texa 707R is a simple recharge and maintenance unit that is used to service air conditioning systems that use the new R1234yf refrigerant. This is one of the simplest to use recharge stations on the market; however, it is equipped with the latest technology that fully automates the process of essential maintenance.

The Texa 707R has several defining features. First, it has a built-in dehydrator filter, which enables up to 300 recharges in one use. This enables us to service our clients’ vehicle systems without delay. The Texa 707R also has a scales lock, which helps to keep it running smoothly and reliably between recharges. Another reason the Texa recharging station makes it easy to service your car air conditioning units is that it comes with an intuitive alphanumerical keyboard, designed to make operating simple. A 10 kg tank also ensures the quick refilling of air conditioning units from most cars.

Texa’s systems have a strong reputation for guaranteeing safety and efficiency in servicing the air conditioning units of all vehicle types. During servicing, it is imperative that oils and refrigerants are not cross-contaminated. Our units have an automatic flushing feature that automatically cleans their own internal circuits, ensuring that they are rid of harmful substances between uses.

All of our mechanics are fully trained in using Texa stations and frequently use the 707R to service air conditioning units for a range of vehicles.

Valeo ClimFill

The Valeo ClimFill Easy is another recharging model that we use to service vehicle air conditioning units. It is one of the smallest stations on the market, yet it uses some of the most advanced technology to effectively service air conditioning systems.
Our mechanics are fully trained Valeo experts, and can quickly and easily service your air conditioning unit using our state of the art stations. The fully automated Valeo ClimFill Easy comes with a built-in high-performance vacuum that fully cleans the inside of the air conditioning tank, and is able to self-adapt to mirror even the most extreme conditions.
The Valeo ClimFill is also a go-to machine for servicing systems of hybrid and electric vehicles, thanks to its electric compressor compatibility.
Keeping your air conditioning unit clean is one of the most vital steps you can take to keep it operating effectively. Without proper maintenance, systems can become clogged up, and oil can become damaged by humidity. Our Valeo Climfill Easy machines are designed to protect fresh oil from the effects of humidity, and will prevent cross-contamination of refrigerants during refills.

Finally, another benefit of using the ClimFill Easy machine is that all services are fully digitised and therefore recorded. This will make looking back at your service history easy, and will enable us to easily and cost-effectively diagnose any future faults.
Unlike other aircon recharging units, our aircon machines do not allow us to refill if the machine detects a leak. This means that you won’t end up paying for a refill, and then a second refill upon discovery of the leak. So whatever your type of car, give us a call today if your air conditioning unit needs servicing. It could be that a quick refill is all that’s needed to get it up and running again. Register your details and one of our friendly team will be in touch.