Book your MOT online with Scarborough Car Tech

When your vehicle is 3 years old you need to take it for an MOT Scarborough Car Tech you can now book your MOT test slot online using the form below. It’s quick and easy to select the perfect time slot for your MOT test, we will only carry out the initial MOT inspection, and we will only carry out authorized work. Loan cars are also available but it is best to ring and check availability if you wish to borrow a car. Loan cars come free of charge to all customers. We plan to add functionality to enable you to book all our services, but until then, you can call us on 01723 35 33 11 for servicing, tyres, and more!

MOT Scarborough Car Tech can you remind me when it is due?

Find out when your MOT test is due by checking it directly on the VOSA government website, alternatively, if you have registered or been to us previously and you have asked us to remind you when your MOT test is due, our computer system will send you a text message directly to your mobile phone one month before the expiry date, we can also send you a further reminder two weeks before and for those that leave it to the last minute we can send you a final reminder one week before the MOT test is due. The test takes approximately one hour and as we are located conveniently close to town it’s very handy to be able to book your perfect time slot online, then pop in and do those quick jobs you need to get done while we take care of your car`s needs.

Need help? Call us on 01723 353311

Need help? Call us on 01723 353311

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